What you will learn

The basics of the Matrix Displacement Method

This course covers the matrix displacement method for the static analysis of indeterminate beams, frames, and trusses. The basis of the matrix displacement method is discussed and illustrated using examples. The application of the method for analyzing frames under various loading scenarios is presented.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Overview of the Slope-Deflection Method

    • Slope-Deflection Equations (Part 1)

    • Slope-Deflection Equations (Part 2)

    • Fixed-End Moments

    • Slope-Deflection Equations (Part 3)

  • 2


    • Writing the Slope-Deflection Equations in Matrix Form

  • 3

    Continuous Beams

    • Beam Subjected to Joint Load

    • Beam Subjected to Member Load

  • 4

    Indeterminate Trusses

    • 2D Truss Analysis

  • 5

    Indeterminate Frames

    • Frame Subjected to Joint Load

    • Frame Subjected to Member Load

  • 6

    Practical Examples

    • The Analysis of a Tea House Frame

    • The Analysis of an Airplane Hangar Frame under Wind Load

    • The Analysis of a House Frame under Snow Load

  • 7

    Displacement Method Application Programs

    • iFrame: A 2D Frame Analysis Program

    • iTruss: A 2D Truss Analysis Program

This course has been developed and maintained under the guidance of Dr. Sivand Lakmazaheri. Feel free to connect with him on Linkedin.